The Biltmore

We traveled to Asheville specifically to go to the Biltmore. It is the main attraction, although it is a lovely town. We bought our tickets online and had an entrance time for 3:45 on a Friday afternoon. We decided to head there early to check out the other parts of the estate. We got there around 10:30 after our monster breakfast (see my post about … Continue reading The Biltmore

The Reynolds Mansion, Asheville, NC

We traveled up to Asheville last weekend and stayed at this lovely bed and breakfast called The Reynolds Mansion. It was built back in 1847 by Colonel Daniel Reynolds on Reynolds Mountain. The 1500 acres of land was a wedding gift from the bride‚Äôs father. They had 10 children and had to build a third floor in order to accommodate their family. Senator Robert Rice … Continue reading The Reynolds Mansion, Asheville, NC