About me

I love to travel and explore. I feel very lucky that I am able to travel as much as I can. I know not everyone likes to travel or is able to do so. For those of you who want to travel more, I hope this blog will inspire you to do so. If you don’t like traveling, maybe you will learn something about other places and cultures and enjoy some beautiful pictures.

How can I travel so much? Well, first of all, I do not have any children, so I have a lot more free time and less responsibilities than most of you. I started traveling on a regular basis after meeting my boyfriend, who loves it as much as I do. We managed to take a trip at least once a month for several years. I retired from teaching last year which prompted me to start this blog since I will have more time to record my travels.

So far, I’ve mostly traveled in Europe and the United States, but I’ve been lucky enough to spend time in Australia and Peru. This upcoming year, I’m hoping to visit more of South and Central America and practice my Spanish. I can’t wait to share my experiences with you. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

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