Frankfurt layover

We had about a 6 hour layover in Frankfurt, Germany. Instead of wasting time in the airport, we decided to head into town. Before we left, we took advantage of the lounge’s showers and breakfast fare. Even though each of us had about three hours or less of sleep, those showers gave us the extra push we needed to get out into the city. We stored our luggage, again thanks to the lounge, but there is also luggage storage available in the airport for a fee. The train into the city only took about fifteen minutes. We walked to the old part of the city. Even though it was 9am, there were barely any cars on the street and very few shops were open. It was like walking in New York City and having no traffic…very eerie. We did some research and realized that it was a National Holiday. We were able to take some nice pictures of the old part of town without too many tourists.

It was a beautiful day, though a bit cool when the wind went through you in the shade. Walking by the water was very relaxing and there were several pedestrian bridges that you could cross. Our destination was the Stadel Museum, which focuses on European art. As we walked, we were nervous after passing several museums that were closed, but luck was on our side. We were able to walk through the entire museum before heading back to the airport. I wish that we had more time to explore Frankfurt, but it was lovely to walk through the city when it was so calm and quiet. I would highly suggest taking advantage of any long layover you may have and head into the city!

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