Chateau Vufflens

Sadly, you can not visit the inside of this castle. It is a private residence and has been owned by the same family since the 17th century. They have about 20 acres of vines that surround the castle that they cultivate into wine. You can purchase the wine at the bottom of the castle. Unfortunately we were there on a Sunday and did not get a chance to sample it.

The castle is just as impressive as it looks. We took a train from Morges up the the castle, but we missed our stop. We had to walk down from the next stop. It was a damp, chilly Sunday morning and we walked right through small towns with very few people up and about. It was a very peaceful walk and I was glad we missed our stop. After walking around the castle and taking quite a few pictures, we walked back to Morges, which was a longer trek that we wished to make, but the train only ran every hour. The view of the castle and the pictures we took made it all worthwhile.

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