Music by the Beach

We spent our final day enjoying a couple of excellent bands (after a couple of hours enjoying the beach of course). The first band was Barefoot Davis on Sapphire Beach. There was a huge crowd on the beach due to the massive cruise ships in port yesterday. Barefoot Davis played mostly cover songs, but with his own twist, often changing words to reflect the atmosphere.

Barefoot Davis and his band

Sapphire Beach is a beautiful stretch, which has condos that you can rent. I’ve heard that the food at the bar is excellent and I can attest that the vanilla killer was tasty. The wind was blowing rather strongly yesterday, which is why we chose Secret Harbor again to spend our morning hours. However, the scenery at Sapphire was worth a few moments to take pictures.

Sapphire Beach. You can see Van Jost in the distance

Today was the only day that I drove the car. Jef forgot his wallet and we were late to see Barefoot Davis, so I offered to drive. When I told Davis this later (he has lived on the island for about 30 years), he asked me, very seriously, if I had a drink before I did. He said it would make it easier. I can believe it! Stop signs and lights are merely suggestions on the island. There are many times in which you will come around the corner and the car approaching will be in your lane. We stayed near the top of the island, so that means a ton of curvy downward and upward roads. And did I mention they drive on the left? It was like Mario Kart in real life. I was not a fan. I refused to drive at night due to the lack of streetlights and the other drivers penchant for high beams. It was quite an experience.

We went back to Iggies Oasis on Bolongo Bay to hear Reverend Raven that night. There was quite a lot of good music on island last night. We had to choose between that, open mic, and Jon Gazi. We made the right choice. The band was excellent. I especially enjoyed the harmonica. It was impressive. We had the added bonus of hanging out with Barefoot Davis while we were there and therefore got to meet Reverend Raven himself.

Reverend Raven

As always, I thoroughly enjoyed our time on St. Thomas. It has gone through a lot of changes, but it’s still an island that I love. If you want any more suggestions or ideas for your trip to St. Thomas, email me. I’ll leave you with this view:

St. John is off to the left

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