Stuck on the boat

On our second day, the cruise director announced that we would be unable to even put down anchor near the island due to the weather.  First of all, the only reason I heard this announcement was because I opened our door and stuck my ear outside. The inner cabins are devoid of light and sound. We could have slept through the whole day and never realized it. I used to like to put on the tv to the channel that had the camera in front of the boat. This would let us know if we had docked yet and what the weather was like. It was our only window to the outside!

We were pretty happy that we had the spa package and spent a good portion of the day lounging there.  We spent a good deal of time in the spa, especially on our two sea days. It was located indoors with a great view off the front of the boat.  It was always a pleasant temperature and we didn’t have to fight off people to get a lounge chair or go into the indoor pool.  It was very relaxing.  We had nice naps there! 😉

Sunday night was the SuperBowl and Jef was hoping to watch it on the big screen.  We went to dinner early in anticipation of leaving early to find seats.  They were full when we went to dinner.  Jef found seats in the “big top”, but just as the game started, the man in front of me moved his chair back and put it an all his weight (he was over 6 feet tall) on my toe.  I knew that he felt awful, so I waited a bit then left to find ice and spent the rest of the evening in our cabin.  My toe was purple the next day.  I figured that I broke it and tried not to do my usual walking everywhere. 

This brings us to Day Three, which was a Sea Day. I was happy because I was able to rest my foot. We went to an Escape Room in the “big top” area. We were assigned a table with six other people, which happened to be a family from New Hampshire. We were given clues and had to look around the room and use the other clues they gave us as well. Our group was not suited to this game at all. We figured out a few things, but could not make the jump to attach meanings to get the next clues. We did not win the game, but we were correct with many of the clues. Escape rooms are not my favorite, but it was an interesting way to pass an hour.

We spent more time in the spa and later in the afternoon I stood in line to receive a free charm bracelet and charm and then bought 5 charms for $10. I thought it would be a good momento of our trip. (They give away a charm after each day you stop somewhere.) The free bracelet broke that night. I got back in line the next day for another free charm and they gave me new bracelet as well. If you go right before the time they say they are giving away the charms, you don’t have to wait long, but they have PLENTY of charms and bracelets, so don’t fall for the idea that they will run out. I know some people stood in line for a long time and could have just picked it up the next day.

Later that afternoon, I went to the Harry Potter trivia round and did quite well, but not well enough to win a prize. That night was our first dress up dinner. I was annoyed that even though I had made reservations for dinner, we still had to stand in line with those people who did not make reservations and we all got in at the same time. Why did we have to make a reservation? Before dinner, we stopped to have a martini and I made the discovery of my favorite drink aboard ship. I learned later that one is plenty!

That is Cuba in back of us

That night we tried to go to several different things and only managed to see one show. We tried to watch the Newlywed Game, but it was impossible. The comedian magician, Jean Pierre Parent, had an open seating show in the theater area. We were lucky to find seats. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked his show. Afterwards we stood and watch some of the dueling pianos show and then tried to get into a Back to the 80s band, but it was impossibly crowded. I guess that is what happens on a sea day!

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