Road Trip Out West: Idaho Waterfalls and Ice Cave

We arrived in Idaho Falls, had some diner food, a trip to Reed’s Dairy (homemade Huckleberry ice cream-yum!), and to the hotel, which had the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in (it was a Sleep Inn). The next morning we stopped at two gardens, one in the heart of the city and another in the middle of campus at BYU Idaho. I would have LOVED to have a garden like the one we walked through on my college campus. It was an oasis.

Idaho Falls falls
BYU Garden

We then drove out to Mesa Falls. We stopped at Lower Falls and it was a short walk to the overlook. Sadly, there are too many trees in the way for a good picture. Upper Falls has a boardwalk to several areas to view the falls. My favorite spot was right next to the falls.

Upper Mesa Falls

On the way back to the cabin we rented, we stopped at the Potato Museum. We didn’t actually tour the museum, but we had a baked potato at the cafe and it was perfect! There are so few people that cook potatoes well, of course we found the best places here in Idaho. Our cabin was right on the creek. We enjoyed sitting on the porch and watching the beavers and ducks swim back and forth. The next morning we found another waterfall right outside Twin Falls. We were driving down into the canyon to take a picture of the bridge and on the way back found the falls. Jef took a beautiful picture.

Perrine-Coulee Falls

My favorite visit was Shoshone Falls. It is taller than Niagara Falls and people often call it the Niagara of the West. Although Shoshone Falls are not as wide as Niagara’s, they were impressive nonetheless. I appreciated the walkway they created to view and take pictures of the falls. They were incredible.

Shoshone Falls
Snake River

We started the drive out to Sun Valley and on the way, we found an ice cave. Since we have never been in an ice cave, we thought that should be remedied. It was about 85 degrees outside, but we changed into jeans and brought our sweatshirts because the cave was around 28 degrees. It was originally used to harvest ice to keep the town beer cold. When they tried to get to more ice by opening the other end of the cave, they ruined the air flow and lost most of the ice. There is still about 20-25 tons of ice in the cave though.

The cave was an old lava tube
These were found in the cave and are over 10,000 years old
You can see the old boardwalk stuck in the ice. The new one is suspended over it.

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