Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Theodore Roosevelt National Park is located just across the Montana border in North Dakota. The park was not very busy, which was wonderful since we decided to drive the loop and just stop for pictures. (It was over 100 degrees with a brisk wind, it was like being in an oven with the fan blowing.) There is a loop road that you can drive, but part of the loop was closed, so we drove about 24 miles and then had to turn around and drive the same road. The first thing we saw was a wild horse on the side of the road! It headed down into the ravine for a drink as we watched.

Wild horse

There were a TON of areas that were labeled ¨Prairie Dog Towns¨, but there were also areas not listed that also had a lot of prairie dog holes. We love watching the prairie dogs. It is very difficult to get good pictures because even if there are several outside of their holes, if they see or hear you (for example rolling down the window of the car) one of them will call out to the others and they all hide! Luckily Jef has a zoom lens and was able to get this amazing picture.


The rock formations as you drive are amazing. We stopped a few times to take in the view. We saw at least three herds of bison, one was on top of a mountain and the other two were hiding in the rocks.

See all the bison?!
Canyon view
Rock formations

We also came upon a large herd of wild horses. A small group was huddled together a bit closer to the road, but you could see another huge group in the background. I’m always excited to see horses, but wild ones are even more special.

Smaller herd
See all the horses out there?

We love seeing wildlife and this park in abundant in it. There are two other areas that you can visit. Both areas were further than we wanted to drive. One is much like this park with a loop you can drive, but the other area is a bit more in the wilderness and more in the area in which Roosevelt had a home. It was lovely to be able to drive around slowly and stop for pictures and not worry about a ton of traffic. There are plenty of hikes you can do too. This is well worth a stop if you enjoy national parks.

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