The Horse Shoe Farm

View from Magnolia Manor

We recently visited VT, NH, and Maine and missed the foliage by about a week and a half. We decided to drive to North Carolina to try our luck in the south. We did not do much better. Our goal was to have a spot to stay that was in the middle of two sets of mountainous areas. As a surprise to me, Jef rented the loft at The Horse Shoe Farm. It was one of the nicest places we have stayed. It is not only very peaceful and relaxing, but you could also visit with farm animals.

View of the fields on The Horse Shoe Farm

We stayed in the only available rental, which was the loft. There are 8 buildings to rent at the farm. The loft is the smallest, which sleeps four technically, but only has one bedroom. The largest has five bedrooms and can sleep 14. The loft is located above the Farmhouse, which is the central meeting place of the entire farm and is also next to the Silo Cookhouse. The Farmhouse has a pool table, books, comfy chairs, bikes, fishing poles, games, etc. If there were a large number of people staying on the farm, the loft may not be as quiet as another accommodation choice. We did not have that problem. There was a yoga retreat when we were there.

Living room of the Farmhouse Loft
Bedroom of the Farmhouse Loft
View from the porch of the Farmhouse Loft

The Farmhouse Loft was the perfect size for us. There was a nook with a small fridge, microwave, and toaster oven. One night we made sandwiches and ate at the table on the porch and watched the sunset. Speaking of sunsets, they light a fire every night and give you a s´mores kit so you can make your own when you are there. They also gifted a bag of Poppy popcorn, the Asheville blend (white cheddar and caramel popcorn together) and it was delicious.

We took them up on the offer of a tour of the farm and we were shown the locations of all the different rentals available, an area where kids can play (including a playhouse with costumes inside), the two venue areas that can be rented for wedding receptions or meeting areas, two ponds that you can fish in, a helipad, the barn area with the animals, and the converted horse barn to a spa. Right now the Silo cookhouse is only available for those who are staying on the property. They have plans to open it as a full restaurant for the public. They will also convert the silo into a bar area.

Inside the top of the Silo at night

Our favorite part of the tour was interacting with the farm animals. We witnessed some baby chicks learning how to scratch in the hay from their momma and petted the horses (who liked us even more when we were given special treats to give them). As a rule, you should never give horses treats yourself, so we were really happy when the tour people gave us some oat treats from the barn. The goats allowed us to pet them and tried to eat the bars of the gate while we were there. The sheep were not interested in us at all, but they loved the chickens.

I love how wide his-her eyes are here
They are only a few days old!
I love horses so much!

The coolest place on the farm is the converted barn into a spa. They offer all kinds of different treatments including massages, wraps, and even acupuncture. We did not try any of them, but the area where they take place was very special and gave off such a calming vibe. I will let my pictures explain for me.

Resting area before and after treatment
Treatment areas still have stall doors!
Foot therapy area
I love how everything is repurposed

We did not choose to have dinner at the Silo Cookhouse while we were staying on property. This is mostly due to the pickiness of my fiancé. He likes very simple food and their menus did not fit his needs. The meals listed sounded delicious. We visited the animals several times when we were there and walked around the property quite a bit. It was very peaceful. I can see why it is so popular for retreats and weddings. I would highly recommend staying there if you are in the Asheville area.

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