Mediterranean cruise: Corfu, Greece

Corfu is not a huge island, but getting around it would have been difficult if we did not buy tickets to the hop on hop off city tour bus. In November the tour bus only follows one of the two routes it does during the regular tourist season, but it was sufficient for us. The first stop we checked out was the Vlacherna monastery.

There was a tiny store and a tiny chapel. That was all. There were a bunch of ducks and a lot of cats on the walk down to the monastery. There was also a public bathroom that we tried to pay to use, but it ate our money and did not open the door. Luckily, the bar at the top had a bathroom. We got back on the bus and got off next to the Old Fortress, which was close enough to the center of town for us to walk around a bit.

The above building was the Asian Art Museum. We thought it was a cool looking building. We stopped in the town to get some baklava, which is my favorite Greek dessert. We looked for the clock tower, but it was under refurbishment. There was a store with products made from olive trees. I thought this would be a neat memento of our trip. We found a beautiful bowl. I also purchased a magnet made of marble that was mined in Greece. We don’t buy a lot of souvenirs (besides magnets), but sometimes it’s nice to find something local. The hop on hop off bus was definitely worth the money because we got to see more of the area than if we had simply walked into town. It would have been a long walk.

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