Maui: Kahekili Highway

We flew to Maui this morning on Hawaiian Airlines. The flight was only $39 and it took less than an hour. Our hotel was not going to be ready until 4, so my husband planned for us to take this road around a section of the island. I didn’t find out until this evening that we drove the very dangerous Kahekili Highway. Even though it is a two way highway, as you can see from the picture, two cars cannot fit in many sections. We actually had to back down the road in several areas because there was no where on the side to pull over. At one point a cement mixer had to get by us and four cars had to back up. It was stressful. There were a ton of blind corners in which there was only enough room for one car. At one point, a guy stopped next to us and asked, “Is this a two way road?” We assured him that it was. When we got to our hotel, I looked it up and there are all these warnings. Apparently some car rental companies will not allow you to drive on this highway. They suggest that you only drive in the daylight on sunny days because if it is raining there can be rock and mudslides. We did see rocks in the road. Although it was stressful, it was also very beautiful.

We stopped at this gallery. It had some beautiful pieces of pottery and jewelry and glass work. I’m not sure that I want to drive up there again, but I am still thinking about some of the art we saw. Our second stop was for a shaved ice at Lorraine Shaved Ice. The ice was so soft that it was like eating flavored snow.

When we stopped to take these pictures, we could hear the noise of the rocks being tumbled by the waves. It was a really neat noise. My husband said there is a place like that in St. John and they call them singing rocks.

Our last stop was at the blowhole. We didn’t take any pictures because it was pretty far down the hill. We could see it and there were several people standing right next to it. It started to sprinkle while we were watching and luckily we traveled far enough on the highway to reach the point that actually had two lanes. It started raining in earnest as we headed to our hotel. We are staying at another Hyatt property. It’s called Wailea Ekolu village. We basically have a condo with a a full kitchen, two bathrooms, and even a washer and dryer. We would have a beautiful view of the water, if we could see through all the rain. Again, we used our credit card points to get this hotel. I was shocked at how expensive it would be if you booked it now.

The weather has been pretty bleak since 2pm. We got soaked heading home from dinner and a trip to the grocery store. The water was starting to flood some of the roads. We are not sure yet what we will be doing tomorrow because of the rain and wind. I’m sure we will find something interesting to do.

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